Laptop repair and Maintenance


Screen Replacement: Fixing or replacing cracked or damaged laptop screens to restore proper display functionality.

Keyboard Repair or Replacement: Fixing non-responsive or damaged laptop keyboards, or replacing them with new ones if necessary.

Battery Replacement: Replacing worn-out laptop batteries to restore battery life and prevent sudden shutdowns.


Operating System Repair or Reinstallation: Repairing or reinstalling the operating system to resolve software-related issues and ensure a clean and optimized system.

Driver Updates and Installations: Updating or reinstalling device drivers to resolve compatibility issues and ensure smooth hardware functioning.

Hardwares fix

Hard Drive or SSD Upgrades: Upgrading laptop storage drives to increase capacity or improve system responsiveness.

RAM Upgrades: Adding more RAM to improve laptop performance and multitasking capabilities.

Audio and Sound Issues: Resolving sound-related problems, such as distorted audio or no sound at all.

Troubleshooting: Diagnosing and resolving network connectivity issues, such as Wi-Fi connection problems.



Overheating and Cooling Solutions: Cleaning dust and debris from laptop fans and cooling systems to prevent overheating and system instability.

Motherboard Repairs and Replacements: Diagnosing and repairing motherboard-related issues or replacing the motherboard when necessary.



Peripheral Troubleshooting: Identifying and fixing issues with peripherals like touchpads, webcams, and external devices.

Network Connectivity

Charging ports: Fixing or replacing damaged charging ports to address charging-related problems.

Repairing or replacing the laptop’s power jack when it becomes loose or damaged, preventing charging issues.